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Shoulder Pain

People suffering from Shoulder Pain need effective solutions fast. First Choice Orthopaedics doctors specialize in orthopaedic surgery, and sports medicine. They can help patients beat shoulder pain!

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What Are the Most Common Kinds of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder dislocation, shoulder sprain, tears in the rotator cuff, bone fractures, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis shoulder pain are all common. Some patients may have more than one type of shoulder pain present at once.

Why Does Shoulder Pain Happen?

There are three primary ways that shoulder injury happens: Accident, overuse, and deterioration. Car accidents, slip and fall accidents, sports accidents, and workplace accidents are all frequent causes of painful shoulder injuries today. Overuse of the shoulder, the type of injury that may happen in a person who makes repetitive above-head movements every day, is another common way that people injure their shoulders today. Finally, deterioration in the shoulder can lead to serious shoulder pain. This is often seen in osteoarthritis sufferers as the joint cartilage breaks down and bone spurs develop.

How is Shoulder Pain Diagnosed?

The diagnosis of shoulder pain will rely heavily on the patient’s description of the pain. It is important that patients be as detailed as possible when describing the area of shoulder pain, the level of the pain, and the times that the pain strikes. Patients should also be sure to identify all possible causes of the shoulder pain, even those that may not be recent. All of this information can help the doctor determine which tests are needed to determine the origin of the shoulder pain. In addition to a physical exam, the physician may order x-rays, ultrasound, or MRI imaging to confirm the injury.

What is the Treatment for Shoulder Pain?

The treatment for shoulder pain depends on the origin of the problem in many cases. Some of the less severe causes of shoulder pain may be resolved with rest and medication. Other kinds of shoulder pain, for example, a torn rotator cuff, are typically best resolved through a surgical repair. Each shoulder pain patient will be individually evaluated to determine what works best.


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