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Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery is sometimes needed for patients who have either chronic or acute injuries. Today’s knee surgeries are high-tech and when done by the orthopaedic surgery experts at First Choice Orthopaedics, the patient can typically expect an excellent result.

Knee Surgery Q & A

Why is Knee Surgery Needed?

Knee surgery may be needed for many different reasons. Torn ligaments within the knee, tendon injuries, fractures, meniscal tears, and the wearing away of cartilage are all common reasons that people may need knee surgery today.

What Are the Types of Knee Surgery?

There are several types of knee surgery ranging from corrective procedures to full knee replacements. Many knee surgeries performed by orthopedic surgeons today are arthroscopic in nature. This type of surgery is done with only minimal incisions. The surgeon uses a tiny camera to get an inside view of the knee, including the ligaments, the cartilage, and the area beneath the kneecap. This allows him to make surgical corrections very precisely using small surgical instruments. The incisions in arthroscopic knee surgery are usually no larger than the diameter of a button. Because the arthroscopic incisions are so small, bleeding is lessened and healing time is reduced. The other main type of knee surgery, open knee surgery, is done in situations such as complete knee replacements. In this type of surgery, the incision will be larger and will typically be made just above the kneecap. The larger incision allows the surgeon the larger amount of space required to do complex procedures like knee replacements.

What is the Recovery Process Post Knee Surgery?

The recovery process after knee surgery can vary dramatically from one situation to the next. For patients who had arthroscopic knee surgery, the recovery time is typically shorter than for those who had open knee surgery. Knee surgery patients, regardless of the type of surgery, will need to undergo some type of rehabilitative activities to make sure that the knee heals as fully as possible. Rehab involves exercises that will help the patient regain full range of motion. Many knee surgery patients are back to their usual routines within a much shorter time than they expected, especially when they follow the orthopedic surgeon’s recovery guidelines to the letter.


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