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Knee Replacement

In some cases, a full Knee Replacement is necessary for a patient to have full function again. Patients who need this type of surgery can depend on the doctors at First Choice Orthopaedics for all their Orthopaedic Surgery, and Sports Medicine needs.

Knee Replacement Q & A

How Does Knee Replacement Work?

Knee replacement surgery will replace a heavily damaged joint with a custom-fitted new joint crafted from biocompatible metal and plastic. The incision is created just above the kneecap that lies over the joint requiring replacement. This allows the surgeon to access the joint, install the replacement, and then put the kneecap back in place. The incision typically ranges from several inches up to around 10 inches long, and it will be stitched securely closed once the replacement joint is placed.

Are Knee Replacements Permanent?

The length of time that a knee replacement lasts depends on the patient, and it can vary widely. Many people who have knee replacements still enjoy perfectly functioning knees a decade, or even 15 years, after the surgery. The surgeon can advise each patient on exactly what they can expect in terms of longevity. The better that patients care for themselves and their bodies, the longer the knee replacements are likely to last.

How Much Recovery Time is Needed Following a Knee Replacement?

This will vary by person. The majority of people can expect to be fully recovered within several months. Immediately after the knee replacement surgery, most patients use an assistive device like a walker or crutches for up to a month. Following that, most people are able to use a walking cane for support as needed. Toward the end of the recovery period, a patient will typically be able to walk unassisted. Many patients find that the use of ice packs can be very helpful for pain relief after a knee replacement surgery. The doctor may prescribe some pain medication to be used on an as-needed basis. Many people are able to adequately control pain with over-the-counter medication after a few days of recovery time after a knee replacement.


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