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Joint Injections

Joint Injections can offer an effective solution for patients who suffer from osteoarthritis pain. The First Choice Orthopaedics physicians specialize in orthopedic surgery, and sports medicine. They offer targeted treatments to beat the pain.

Joint Injections Q & A

What Are Joint Injections Used For?

Joint injections like Hyalgan are used for pain relief in osteoarthritis patients. Many osteoarthritis patients struggle with severe pain in the weight-bearing joints, especially in the knees. This type of treatment can provide effective relief, even if other treatments have failed in the past.

Who is a Good Candidate for Joint Injections?

The orthopaedic surgeon will evaluate each patient on a personal basis to determine whether they are a good fit for joint injections like Hyalgan. People who have experienced allergic reactions from any type of hyaluronate materials are not good candidates for this type of treatment. Patients should be free of infection or skin disease in the injection area (the knee area.) Patients who are allergic to poultry or eggs should discuss that allergy with their orthopaedic surgeon before having this type of joint injection, although this allergy does not automatically disqualify them from receiving the treatment.

How Many Injections Are Needed?

Most patients do best with a series of injections, usually around 5. Injections are generally spaced 1 week apart. Many people enjoy relief as soon as the third injection.

How Long do Joint Injections Last?

The longevity of joint injections varies according to the patient. Many patients have as much as 6 months of pain relief after a series of Hyalgan injections. Some patients may find combining joint injections with other nonprescription or prescription medications offers the highest degree of pain relief. The orthopaedic surgeon will tailor a treatment plan for each person, allowing the patient to find a balanced and effective treatment solution.

Can Joint Injections Be Done More Than Once?

Yes, it is possible to do more than one cycle of joint injections. The orthopaedic surgeon and patient can work together to determine the ideal time to launch a second course of injections.


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