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Herniated Disc

A Herniated Disc is a painful issue for a number of people today. First Choice Medical Group has physicians specializing in sports medicine, and orthopedic surgery. They are ready to help patients start the healing.

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Herniated Disc Q & A

What is Disc Herniation?

Disc herniation occurs when a spinal disc is damaged. The spinal discs act as small pillows between the vertebrae in the spine and the neck. When the disc is damaged, the inner contents begin leaking out. This quickly deflates the formerly pillowy disc, which often leaves the vertebrae rubbing against each other painfully.

What Are the Symptoms of Disc Herniation?

Pain is the biggest sign of a herniated disc. The pain usually occurs directly above the damaged disc, but it is not uncommon for the pain to radiate down into other areas. For example, a herniated disc in one of the lower lumbar discs could cause pain that moves down to the buttocks and the thigh area. A herniated disc in the cervical area (neck area) could result in not only neck pain but also in pain that shoots down the arm. Numbness is sometimes observed in patients who suffer from disc herniation. The numbness is typically sporadic and will usually resolve fairly quickly. Because disc herniation can cause weakness in surrounding nerves, the muscles dependent upon the nerves may lose some functionality. This can result in slowed response times and weakness.

How Are Herniated Discs Treated?

There are multiple options in herniated disc treatment today. The doctor will typically begin by trying the most minimally invasive options, for example, heat and ice therapy for pain relief. Pain relief may also include both prescription and nonprescription analgesics. Physical therapy is sometimes helpful for strengthening the muscles that form the support system for the spine. In some cases, nonsurgical options simply don’t offer sufficient pain relief. In these situations, an orthopedic surgeon can remove some or all of the disc material surgically. With the disc material removed, the area is then surgically fused to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing together. In some cases, an artificial disc can be surgically installed to replace the damaged disc.


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