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Many people suffer from Arthritis today. The physicians at First Choice Orthopaedics specialize in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery treatments that can help.

Arthritis Q & A

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is a painful inflammation of the joints. There are many different types of arthritis each with its own specific symptoms. Osteoarthritis is the most common variety of arthritis in the world today, and rheumatoid arthritis is also quite common. Arthritis can impact any joint in the body, from the fingers to the larger joints. Many osteoarthritis sufferers struggle with pain in their hip joints and knee joints.

Who Suffers From Arthritis?

People in every age group may suffer from arthritis, but it is most common in adults. The average age of onset is between age 30 and 60 for rheumatoid arthritis, but for osteoarthritis, the age of onset is often later. Many people in their senior years suffer from osteoarthritis with the majority of people having at least some osteoarthritis symptoms by the time they are 70.

What Are Common Indicators of Arthritis?

Many arthritis sufferers describe a dull ache, especially around the joints. It is common for arthritis sufferers to struggle with some ordinary movements, for example picking an object up, due to painful swollen joints. It is not unusual for arthritis sufferers to feel painfully stiff, especially early in the morning. Many arthritis sufferers feel exhausted and even overwhelmed at times due to chronic pain unless they seek treatment.

What is the Treatment for Arthritis?

Arthritis treatment can vary according to the type of arthritis and the patient’s current symptoms. There are many prescription and nonprescription medications that can be used to alleviate arthritis pain and other symptoms. Some arthritis patients benefit from the use of topical creams that can block pain signals. For arthritis patients with severe joint deterioration in weight-bearing joints, surgery may be the best option. An orthopedic surgeon can replace the damaged joint with a new biocompatible plastic and metal one that will function far better than the old one did.


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