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Life Before and After Knee Surgery

It might seem frightening to realize you need knee surgery. It’s certainly a different situation than a typical visit to the doctor and it will have an impact on your health and life for as long as you live. However, being aware of how to prepare for the surgery and...

Should I do Physical or Occupational Therapy?

It’s far from uncommon for someone to wonder, “Is physical therapy or occupational therapy better for me?” Many individuals assume they are the exact same thing, but that isn’t quite right. However, they do have similarities in that both types of professionals help...

7 Benefits of Physical Therapy

People of all ages who have experienced an illness, medical condition, or injury can benefit from physical therapy. This type of medical care can offer you the chance to return to your former level of functioning while avoiding further injuries and remaining healthy....

5 Ways I Relieved My Back Pain

There’s nothing worse than having back or neck pain. Many times, it’s challenging to determine precisely how to eliminate or relieve the pain to go back to a normal life. Whether you have chronic pain due to a permanent injury, arthritis causing you trouble, or...


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